About me

Kayla is founder and CEO of Kayrecipes.com
She is well-known among friends and colleagues for her ingenuity, grandiose ambitions, and overall vigor for life.

Her current and previous jobs include: First Officer for a major American airline, Captain for a private fractional aviation company, pipeline pilot, as well as various other aerospace and non-aerospace related ventures throughout Colorado, Texas, and California.

Outside of work, Kayla tends to enjoy creative pursuits such as acrylic painting, language study, chess, and Olympic Weightlifting.

Historically, volunteerism has always been a key component of her purpose in life, which has ranged from helping out at pet shelters and teaching English as a second language.
Her newfound passion is stock market/real estate investing, and one day she hopes to own a pet (not necessarily in this order): cat, potbellied pig, rat, dog, or parrot.